Informations in different languages: Reactivated citizen’s phoneline from today - The city administration severely limits personal visits

The city of Rosenheim has also reactivated its citizen telephone in view of the restrictions imposed by the federal government to combat the Corona crisis.

From today (Mon., 23 March 2020), 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., citizens can ask their questions about the Corona pandemic and the initial restrictions by calling +49(0)8031/365 8 365.

The Rosenheim city administration would like to point out once again that personal visits to the municipal offices are only possible in urgent cases by appointment. The administration asks for your understanding that persons in quarantine are not allowed to visit the authorities. Citizens who feel ill are also insistenly to refrain from visiting the authorities.

Priority will be given to received requests by telephone, in writing, by e-mail or fax and processed in sequence.

Starting this week, the city administration will be working in different shift models to minimize the risk of failure and to ensure that the administration is able to work.

The citizens are asked for their understanding if the usual contact person is not always available. The handling of the respective concerns is also guaranteed in case of substitution.


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